Heavens | Origami Mixed Media | 23cmx23cm (9"x9")

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The delicate balance of femininity and masculinity sparks a conversation in "Heavens." In this framed origami piece, a pink and blue floral-decorated kimono represents a woman and man, each adorned in a matching wide sash around its waist. The sash called an Obi, is traditionally made from satin or stiff silk material and used to secure the kimono. In this piece, the matching Obi made from handmade paper ties the man and woman together.

Pencil-drawn wispy clouds adorn the sky as a gold tree branch glows with the moonlight. The word, “Gods”, written three times in different sizes is significant as the number three represents the three important stages in the life of humans—birth, marriage, and death. The number three, also sounds similar to the word meaning “birth” or “life” making the number a lucky one in Chinese culture. 

Origami art made by Astari Designs is intentionally made to bring harmony and peace, making them a beautiful addition to one's home. 

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